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Carbon Plus Chemical Carrier is also an Excellent Growth Stimulant




Carbon Plus liquid from AG-USA is an excellent chemical carrier that causes plants to quickly absorb farm chemicals and fertilizers, including Ocean Trace™. This results in maximum uptake and helps make applications rain fast in minutes.

 The organic acids, colloidal minerals and complex carbohydrates in Carbon Plus that aid in immediate uptake of chemical into weeds also encourage and enhance crop growth, health, and fruitation. Research has proven that plants with high levels of carbohydrates and trace minerals (and therefore higher in brix) are more immune to stressful situations such as drought, frost, and herbicide shock. Many scientists also believe that plants high in carbohydrates are less susceptible to insect problems.

 Research has also shown that plants with high levels of carbohydrates and trace minerals secrete them through their roots, encouraging microbial activity.  For instance, legumes with high levels of carbohydrates and trace minerals encourage rhizobium activity, greatly increasing nodulization of the roots, increasing pod fill, equaling higher yields.

 Application rates of 4 to 16 ounces per acre ($2-$8) make Carbon Plus easy to ship and handle and very cost effective too. It can be safely combined with all types of herbicide, pesticide, and fertilizer products.

 Farmers can offset high priced chemical and crop input cost by including Carbon Plus in their farming program. Contact AG-USA at 1-877-212-7586 for more information.

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