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GroPAL Balance


Soil Labs

Below are soil tests, before and after, from 2 different
fields in southern Georgia/northern Florida.

Note that only 5 months after the application of
GroPal Balance, soil pH has been restored to neutral, plus
many other nutrients have already come into balance.

It generally takes 2 years (with a quart of GPB-A
each year) for balance to be fully restored.

Note in the following lab test that numerous trace minerals
don't even show up on the soil test.

Also note the Base Saturation before and after. It is
great when calcium is around 75% to 80%. GPB
helps to restore this ratio, while lowering hydrogen!


Field 1, before GroPal Balance

soil test field 1 before



Field 1, after GroPal Balance

soil test field 1 after


Field 2, before GroPal Balance

soil test field 2 before


Field 2, after GroPal Balance

soil test field 2 after


GroPal Balance is emerging as a breakthrough for both
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