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Benefits of GroPal Balance

Anyone Else want to Keep your Crops Growing when it turns hot and dry?

That's what Richard Fish did!  GroPal Balance is like a center pivot for dryland farmers!

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Weak soils cause problems

  • Weeds keep coming back
  • Water runs off instead of soaking in
  • Poor production
  • Poor animal health

Results of properly functioning soil

  • Nutrients become highly available
  • An increase of organic matter
  • Plants become highly nutritious
  • Yields increase
  • Livestock become super healthy, resulting in greater production


Could a single product help you to
Keep Your Moisture?  Yes!


  • Organic matter has increased each year that Soil Balance was used

  • The Cation Exchange increased each year, causing a rich bounty of nutrients to be available to the plant

  • Soils become highly structured, better utilizing moisture



Making tied-up nutrients available!

When soil is functioning correctly, it is flocculated. Air flows down into the soil - air that is mostly Nitrogen!  Look at these lab results that show an increase of available nutrients after just one application of Soil Balance.


Soil Balance has over 70 species of bacillus bacteria that are recognized as beneficial to plant growth, plus mycorrhizal and other beneficial fungi. These micro-organisms help to remediate toxins and salts.


To help you to better understand how GroPal Balance works in the soil, try to visualize an aerobic membrane (something like a sack) that keeps expanding, holding in carbon and other nutrients.

Ways to evaluate if GroPal Balance is working for you


Visible results

Fewer weeds

Less problems with water standing in the field

Less compaction or hard pan

A reduction in visible salts

wheat field 


Look for these soil test results

A reduction in nematodes

An increase in organic matter

An increase in Cat Ion Exchange


Look for changes in vegetation

An increase in protein

An increase in Relative Feed Value (RFV)

An increase in production

Higher brix readings

Angus cows 

Look for improvements in livestock

Calves are stronger at birth

Livestock put on weight more quickly

An increase in milk production

Better feed utilization, less grass per pound of beef or milk

Better health resulting in fewer visits by the vet

A lower mortality rate

Improved ability to conceive

Better looking livestock that bring a better price at auction


Good News! We have a product application that fits every budget.

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