Conquer Nature By Cooperating With It


When chemical fertilizer is used on lawns and gardens, the root zone is flooded with water soluble and plant-available nutrients. Plants immediately take up the nutrients they can use. In this process the nutrients take the form of water soluble salts. Salts cause the bodies of the bacteria, fungi and other organisms to dry out and die.

With the “biology” depleted, processing the locked-up minerals into plant available nutrients will not occur. Plants are left to wait for the next “fix” of chemical fertilizers. Because of the water soluble nature of these chemicals, the fertilizer can be washed away from the root zone very easily by rain or later irrigation. These chemicals leach into aquifers, streams and lakes causing further ecological problems.

How much better it is to feed the microbes in the soil with organic compounds, and then to allow the microbes to feed the plant. This way, instead of the soil gradually dying, the soil is rejuvenated. GroPal Balance is a wonderful product to bring the soil back into balance and enable it to feed the plant.

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