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Plant Growth Hormones Stimulant

P.G.S. is a plant growth hormones formula containing micronutrients carried in a solution of fermented sugars and organic acids. It supplies plants with an array of ingredients that can cause plants to explode with growth.


Plant hormones and growth regulators

Hormones are produced naturally by plants, while plant growth regulators are applied to plants by humans. Plant hormones and growth regulators are chemicals that affect all aspects of plant growth, including: 

Extremely small concentrations of these substances produce major growth changes.

Plant growth regulators can be synthetic compounds that mimic naturally occurring plant hormones or plant growth hormones may be natural hormones that were extracted from plant tissue. Applied amounts of these substances are measured in parts per million and in some cases parts per billion.


Higher Yields Through Proper Nutrition


Better Root Structure & Stronger

Resistance to Stress

Two of the primary benefits of P.G.S. are to build plants' roots and improve stress tolerance.

Applied as directed, it can significantly increase stress tolerance and survival potential by supplying growth hormones and other beneficial constituents which plants can't make for themselves when under intense or seasonal stress.



5 Major Plant Growth

Regulating Hormones:

Auxins - affects root growth, flower formation and fruit set.

Gibberellins - help break seed dormancy, and speed germination.

Cytokinins - stimulate cell division and also delay aging.

Ethylene - induces ripening and is a plant response to stress.

Abscisic Acid - helps regulate water evaporation in the plant.


The properties listed above are just a 
few of the more important growth regulating factors of these plant hormones. Hormones are produced naturally by plants, while plant growth regulators are applied to plants by humans. Plant hormones and growth regulators are chemicals that affect all aspects of plant growth, including: germination, root growth, flowering, maturity and fruit set.

Extremely small concentrations
of these substances produce
major growth changes.


Use it on anything you grow

for bigger yields and

stronger, healthier plants


P.G.S. is a balanced formula that is fully chelated and designed for use as a seed treatment, germinator and foliar feed.

Clean Nature Friendly

Easy To Use


Proven Results!




The ingredients in P.G.S. have shown by independent research to improve:



P.G.S. is a plant growth stimulant that supplies plants with an array of ingredients that cause plants to explode with growth.



Seed Treatment:  8 oz. per bushel

Starter in the row on the seed at 16-32 oz. per acre with starter fertilizer.



Foliar feed 1-4 quarts per acre as needed throughout the season.


U.S. Ag, LLC makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied with respect to CleanGreenŽ P.G.S. Manufacturer's and seller's obligation limited to replacement of product for defective material only. Neither seller or manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising from the misuse or inability to use the product.


The five major plant growth hormones 

The properties listed above are just a few of the more important growth regulating factors of these plant hormones.



Growth regulating substances and plant hormones are most often applied as a spray on foliage or as an in furrow treatment. Depending on the product, they can usually be combined with other fertilizer solutions to stimulate a favorable plant response.


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