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Suggested Fertilizer Program


The good news is, the price of wheat is up!  At today's prices, it makes it worth it to shoot for higher yields.


At AG-USA, we have a lot of experience in boosting wheat yields.  Here is what we recommend.


1.   If you are able to make an in the row, on the seed application, applying a quart of HA-12 in the row on the seed ($3.75/acre bulk) is a good way to get exceptional germination and pop-up. It can help to get your wheat off to a flying start. 

HA-12 unleashes an avalanche of biological activity.  When you have such tremendous bacterial activity, it brings a natural flow of air down into the soil.  As you know, seventy eight percent of air is nitrogen.  As air enters your soil, nitrogen fixing bacteria in the soil latch onto nitrogen and make it available to the plant.  


Here are some of the advantages of HA-12:

·         Helps to rid the soil of toxins

·         Helps bring the pH of the soil into proper alignment

·         Flocculates the ground, putting the oxygen space back into the soil particles

·         Converts raw minerals into an available form the plant can use

·         Rebuilds organic matter in the soil

·         Rebuilds humus.  Humus contains nutrients which bacteria have digested and broken down into a simpler form, making these nutrients available to the plant.  The Humus in the soil also acts as a sponge.  It latches onto moisture and holds it, so that it doesn’t expiate from the soil. 



2.   When you top dress liquid nitrogen, add 2 gallons/acre of Clean Green Calcium Plus to your Nitrogen.  This will help to hold the nitrogen in the root zone, and spoon feed it to the plant.  Because we stabilize nitrogen, you should be able to decrease your nitrogen application by 20 to 40%.
Cost of 2 gal. Clean Green Calcium Plus: $12/acre by the semi load, $14/acre by the 275 gallon tote.


3.   Foliar feeding can make a real difference.  In foliar feeding, timing is important.  Right at flag leaf, it has been found that an application of .2 to .4 gallons of Ocean Trace helps to "pop" the head, and increase yields.
Cost:  $10.80/acre to $21.60/acre.


4.   In the fall, broadcast 1 gallon of HA12 (cost:  $16/acre). 

Farmers tell us that when they use our HA Plus, the ground becomes so mellow that their farm implements slice through it like it was soft butter.  Can you imagine the fuel savings?  The farmer mentioned above from N.W. Kansas said he had a field 9 miles away, and he always had to take extra fuel along with him so he could finish up the field.  After he got on our program, he said he didn’t have to take extra fuel along, and always ended up with ¼ tank of fuel in the tractor.  When you mellow up the ground, it means less wear on the implements, and less repairs.  Many farmers who have used our Hume-Aide tell us they can go one gear faster when they are working their ground.


We can help you boost your wheat yields.  Plus, we can help you to produce higher quality wheat – our wheat is usually higher in test weights and protein, plus it is more disease resistant.


Why not give our products a try?  We believe it will mean money in your pocket.