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Art by Stephanie Schneider

About the Artist

I was born in May of 1984.  In 1985 our family moved to Ghana, West Africa to do missionary work there.  Over the 14 years we spent there, faced by the unique stresses of a white girl growing up in a West African culture, I spent a lot of time in introspection.  I would dream of being used by God in artistic ways for His kingdom.  I spent a lot of my time talking to Jesus and trying to express what I knew of Him in my art and writing.  I hoped that one day these would be used to bring others into a closer relationship with Him.

When we moved back to the United States, I experienced deep culture shock.  I was a misfit.  My world had been turned upside down.  My relationship with Jesus carried me through many difficult times of uncertainty and loneliness.  I always knew that I was created for adventure.  The mundane, everyday life that many live wasn’t for me.  Deep down in my heart, Jesus gave me a peace in knowing that He had special things planned for my life.  Now in my 20’s, my focus has not changed – I so much want Jesus to be the heartbeat of my world.

Recently the Holy Spirit has opened up something wonderful to me.  Now, instead of painting to please people, my focus is on pleasing Jesus.  I simply enter into His presence where true inspiration lies, and then create pictures for Him, for His pleasure, because He loves me and enjoys it when I love on Him.  It is a new adventure, as He shows me images, gives me the ability to express them in picture form, and then laughs with joy at what I have created.  I am extremely excited for the things He has planned for me.  My heart's desire is for people to know His wonderful love for them and His purpose for their lives.  May the Lord use my artistic expressions to minister His passionate love to you.

Stephanie R. Schneider

-USA  Max-Well  GeorgiaChooseLife  Max-Well