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AG-USA is an off-shoot of Tech Ag, Inc., a family business that was started Paul Schneider Sr. in 1969 and today includes 3 generations of family members, employees and a network of Dealers.

AG-USA places great emphasis on soil health and fertility because of their importance to the productivity of the land.

Our goal is to stimulate biological activity in soils made sluggish by years of chemical application and to help Ag producers address environmental safety issues, rising costs, and the bottom line return.

AG-USA’s products work in harmony with both nature and modern technology and can be incorporated into any farming program.

Best of all, they are affordable. Our entire product line is “tried and true”, backed by years of research and actual use.

Feel free to contact us toll free at 877-212-7586, or email info@AG-USA.net for more information.


AG-USA Mission Statement and Company Goals