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Our products can help to restore
soil health, and grow more nutritious feeds


GroPal Balance (organic)

In many cases, this product is all you need.

When soil is functioning correctly, it is flocculated. Air flows down into the soil - air that is mostly Nitrogen!  Look at these lab results that show an increase of available nutrients after just one application of Soil Balance.

Soil Balance has over 70 species of bacillus bacteria that are recognized as beneficial to plant growth, plus numerous beneficial fungi. These micro-organisms help to remediate toxins and salts. Add to this the results the results customers using GroPal (also marketed under the name Ocean Trace) have experienced, and you have a GroPal Balance, a potential breakthrough in agricultural technology.


Ocean Trace

How important are trace minerals?  Very important.  Ocean Trace is 100 gallons of sea water evaporated down to a 1 gallon concentrate.  Close to 99% of the sodium and 90% of the chloride precipitate out of solution during evaporation, and the liquid that remains is quite dense in trace minerals.

Many farmers have seen excellent results from using Ocean Trace, including substantial yields.  Just 1/10th of a gallon per acre can actually make a difference in the nutrition of pastures.  A quart or more has resulted in nice increases in yields for numerous crops.



This product can help to restore health to the soil. This can result in:

Humic acids bond soil particles together, creating storage places for nutrients and air.

Clean Green Liquid Calcium

Calcium is the “King of Crop Nutrients”.  When calcium is moving in the soil, everything is moving in the soil.

Second, our calcium helps to latch on to nitrogen, spoon feeding it to the crop. Using this product, farmers have been able to cut back on their nitrogen by 30% to 50% with no signs of nitrogen deficiency.



Just 16 ounces per acre of C4 can help raise plant sugar levels, increase photosynthesis, AND increase yields! C4 can be added to most fertilizer and chemical mixes to help carry them into the plant.



P.G.S. is a plant growth stimulant that supplies plants with an array of ingredients that can cause plants to explode with growth.

Two of the primary benefits of P.G.S. are to build plants’ roots and improve stress tolerance.

Applied as directed, it can significantly increase stress tolerance and survival potential by supplying growth hormones and other beneficial constituents plants can’t make for themselves when under intense or seasonal stress.



A final way we can help lower farming and ranching costs is Sur-Tec, our Herbicide enhancer.

It contains concentrated liquid ammonium sulfate, a sticker, an anti-drift agent, and a penetrator.


Animal Nutrition


In 1969 Paul Schneider Sr. began the company Tech Ag.  As an animal nutritionist, he helped cattle feeders supply their cattle with optimum nutrition.

This resulted in higher milk production for dairymen. For beef cattle it produced better weight gains on less feed.

There are numerous ways to reduce cattle feed protein costs.


Minerals and Vitamins

In my work, we evaluated feed rations of each cattle operation, and then supplemented with needed minerals and vitamins.

We can now get cattle needed trace minerals by adding a product called Ocean Trace into their drinking water, or by fertilizing crops with it.

Trace minerals are not only vital to the health of animals, but also people.


Digestive Enzymes

Tech Ag uses an enzyme product called MSE (Multiple Stabilized Enzymes, to do the following:


Silage is Better Than Grain or Hay

  1. We encourage farmers to put their feed up for silage.  

  2. The bacteria in the pack predigests the silage, greatly increasing its digestibility

  3. Direct cutting silage eliminates field losses

  4. Sila-Max silage conditioner feeds the bacteria that gives silage a sweet smell and taste. There is no feed left in the bunker.

  5. Cattle find Sila-Max silage so palatable that when new calves are brought in, they usually start eating the first day.

By putting feed up for silage, you get more pounds of milk or meat per acre.  It offers a significant savings on feed costs.


AG-USA has three silage formulas

  1. Sila-Max corn, sorghum and other small grains
  2. Sila-Max for alfalfa
  3. Sila-Max for high moisture grains

We also have a product called Hay-Max, which allows the farmer to bale hay at up to 28% moisture.


Harvest hay at up to 28% moisture

Hay-Max hay conditioner is different than other hay conditioners.  Stop field loss.  Get your hay out of the field quickly.



Using the above methods can lower feeding costs. However, the above methods can only accomplish so much.  The best way to improve nutrition past this point is to raise the nutrient value of our feeds.

AG-USA places great emphasis on soil health and fertility because of their importance to the productivity of the land.

Our goal is to stimulate biological activity in soils made sluggish by years of chemical application and to help Ag producers address environmental safety issues, rising costs, and the bottom line.

Our products work in harmony with both nature and modern technology and can be incorporated into any farming program.  Best of all, they are affordable.

When Paul learned this, it turned his career as an animal nutritionist in another direction – finding ways to grow more nutritious feeds.

It has been my dad's joy the past 43 years to offer products and services to help cattle feeders:


I would like the opportunity to serve you

This is Paul Schneider Jr., son of Paul Schneider the animal nutritionist.

I would like to follow in my dad's footsteps in helping you to find better, lower cost ways to farm and feed cattle.

It is my hope and prayer that the information on this website will be helpful to you.

Please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to help you develop a more effective and economical cattle feeding program. 


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