Conquer Nature By Cooperating With It

Keep your Crops Growing
even when it turns hot and dry


MycorrPlus-A and O (formerly named GroPal Balance)
are like a center pivot for dryland farmers!

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Here's How MycorrPlus-A and O Help Keep
Grass Growing Even During Dry Spells


1. MycorrPlus fills the soil with beneficial microbes

  • MycorrPlus is a bio-stimulant that helps beneficial microbes to restore harmony and balance to the soil.

  • It first inoculates the soil with over 70 beneficial aerobic bacteria, fungi (including mycorrhizal fungi) and other microbes.

  • With adequate moisture (at least 1.1"), microbes become established in the soil.

  • MycorrPlus contains sea minerals, fish, kelp, humic and fulvic acids, and numerous other nutrients. How does MycorrPlus stimulate microbes? By feeding them a wonderfully balanced nutrient solution.

2. Beneficial microbes transform the soil

  • Microbes consume or displace harmful items, including destructive nematodes, anaerobic disease causing bacteria, plant toxins, old weed seed, salts and chemicals. Mycorrhizal fungi establish ever-enlarging webs to transport nutrients and moisture to plants.

  • Earthworms, dung beetles and other beneficial Soil Food Web members multiply greatly, helping to further transform the soil.

  • This new balance in the soil creates greater soil energy, measured in Ergs.

3. Plants sequester Liquid Carbon to Free Up Soil Nutrients

  • Plants sense the departure of toxins and salts, the multiplication of beneficial microbes, mycorrhizal fungi and the higher soil energy level.

  • Plants respond to these favorable soil conditions by sequestering massive amounts of sugars (liquid carbon) into the soil to cultivate and feed the microbes.

  • A mycorrhizal plant photosynthesizes much faster than a plant not supported by mycorrhizal fungi. By not tilling the soil, more mycorrhizal networks will form, releasing ever increasing carbon sequestration.

  • (Andrew in Michigan told me that he applied MycorrPlus in July on his acre of vegetables. Not only were they "the best available at the Farmer's Market", but when he dug down into the soil, the root structures were massive, and he had never seen such amazing network of mycorrhizal fungi.)

  • Microbes are the chemists of the soil. They respond to the plant's investment of sugars by turning nutrients that have been locked up in the soil into Available Plant Food, giving the plant an abundance of nutrition.
  • Therefore, less NPK blend and Lime are needed. The result of microbes doing their work is a balance soil which has a pH close to 7.

4. Microbes use liquid carbon to highly structure the soil

  • Microbes feed on the sugars sequestered by the plant.

  • Microbes also use the sugars as gums and glues to glue together soil particles, constructing for themselves comfortable little living quarters. This is what structures the soil.

  • Organic matter IS carbon, and carbon IS organic matter. The sequestered liquid carbon (sugar) quickly builds up more organic matter in the soil, including humus.

  • Each year that MycorrPlus is used, topsoil gets deeper, more moisture can be stored, and organic matter and CEC increase. Your farm has just become one of the highest producing farms on the planet!

5. Highly structured soil means extra nitrogen

  • Soil microbes flocculate the soil by creating trillions of air spaces in the soil.

  • Air that is needed to support aerobic bacteria flows down into the soil.

  • This air is 78% nitrogen. MycorrPlus contains Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria that convert nitrogen from the air into Urea in the soil.

  • Other bacteria convert the urea into organic nitrogen that can't leach or volatilized.

  • The result - there is extra nitrogen available to the plant!
    When additional nitrogen is needed, MycorrPlus may be applied with fish, composted manure, 28% or 32% N. Just add the MycorrPlus to the tank first.

6. Highly structured soil means lots of moisture!

  • Available moisture no longer runs off, but quickly soaks into the soil. This moisture is stored in the air spaces of the soil, meaning much better sub-soil moisture when the weather gets dry.

  • It has been suggested that, just as Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria are able to fix nitrogen, certain bacteria also attract and hold moisture from the air, fixing it in the soil. This could help to explain why some of our customers report good moisture when they have no idea how it got there.


This is characteristic of the non-treated half of the field.
When the weather turned hot and dry, grass stopped growing.

grass not treated

MycorrPlus half of the field. When it got hot and dry, grass kept growing.

GroPal Balance grass


To Recap:


MycorrPlus-A and O are like a Center Pivot for Dryland Farmers

  1. Microbes contained in MycorrPlus help to remediate problems in the soil, and beneficial microbes take over, including mycorrhizal fungi.

  2. MycorrPlus helps to "turn on the carbon sequestration switch in the plant", causing huge amounts of liquid carbon to be sequestered by the plant through its roots into the soil.

  3. Microbes utilize components of this liquid carbon to glue soil particles together, thereby highly structuring the soil.

  4. The air spaces in highly structured soil are like a sponge, soaking in moisture and holding onto it.

  5. Plants are able to stay green and growing even in dry spells.

Bottom line?

More consistent soil moisture means
more consistent yields,
and more money in your pocket.

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