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Brix Test Has Meaning

Earthworms and Soil Fertility
Earthworm populations of 10 per square foot can add 55 pounds of N (nitrogen), 64 pounds of P (phosphorus), 105 pounds of K (potassium), and 38 pounds of calcium (CA) yearly, per acre. Earthworm castings have 7 times more P, 11 times more K and up to 3 times more CA than the soil residue they consume! That's FREE fertilizer that you can take advantage of by providing favorable conditions for earthworms.

Antibiotic Soil Life
Healthy soil has beneficial microbes that actually protect your crops from disease. Soil microbes of the various bacillus families, streptomyces, pencillium, etc., all produce secretions that kill or suppress harmful fungi, molds, and pathogenic bacteria. Some bacillus produce a substance called Phytoalexin that not only helps control disease, but nematodes too.

Why Foliar Feed?
Foliar feeding, or topdressing, with the correct nutrients can be the most effective method of feeding a plant since 95% of a fertilizer solution can be found in the smallest root within 60 minutes. Foliar spraying should be done in the evening or early morning when the plant's stomata (pores) are open.

Foliar spraying of the best selected materials, at the proper stage of growth and at the proper time, has proven to be a very profitable way to apply fertilizer solutions.

Did you know?
Research shows that only 10-30% of a crop's requirements come from fertilizer applications! The rest comes from the soil's ability to feed the crop. Build a humus rich soil teaming with biological life and your crops will thrive.

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