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Structured Water Machines

Thank you for your interest in the water structuring units produced by Natural Action Technologies, Inc. and inventor Clayton M. Nolte. Click here to read about the benefits of structured water.


Here are the NAT products that you can purchase from us.



Good News!  The NAT product prices below are 20% off of retail.


The Portable structured water machine is the answer when you want to enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion of structured water when you’re out and about, whether around town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling.  Simply pour your water through the top end (funnel end) of the unit, and it comes out structured through the spout end at the bottom.

NAT portable unit

PORTABLE – Original: $199

PORTABLE – Dynamically Enhanced: $319


  • A sleek new design
  • Power-packed.  Half the structuring ability of a whole house unit packed in a tiny package.
  • The canister and interior flow-form is made from food grade plastic used for kitchen appliances and is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is practically indestructible.

  • Lightweight, make it easy to carry when you are on the go, in backpacks, purses, luggage, lunchboxes, and more.
  • It drains easily from either end, and can be stored with either end up.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Backed by a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee, and a lifetime warranty.

Uses for the Portable Unit:

  • When traveling, use your portable structured water machine for structuring your drinking water.
  • Structuring juices of any kind (apple, grape, orange, etc) brings more flavor to the juice.
  • Small enough to be taken to a restaurant to structure your water, coffee, tea or any other beverages you order.
  • Structuring wine and alcohol that has an edge to it will smooth it out.


  • Length End to End:  7.5″
  • Width: 2.5" (all units, except for the commercial unit, 
                     are made from this width material)
  • Weight:  9.5 oz


Units come in Mini Shower & Super Shower sizes

NAT mini shower unit

MINI SHOWER – Original: $159

MINI SHOWER – Dynamically Enhanced: $279

NAT super shower unit

SUPER SHOWER – Original: $279

SUPER SHOWER – Dynamically Enhanced: $399


  • Length with connectors:  5″
  • Weight: 9.4 oz.


  • Length with connectors: 7.5″
  • Weight: 13.4 oz.

Uses for the Shower Unit:

  • For showering and bathing in Structured Water.
  • For filling water containers.
  • Can be used as a portable unit.
  • Take it with you when you travel.



Shown with Super Shower Unit.

The Shower Unit is a convenient way to enjoy the healthy benefits of bathing in structured water. It is easily removed to take with you when traveling.

Shower Riser shown with Super Shower Unit

Simply screw off your existing shower head, screw our unit on the pipe, then screw your shower head back on to our shower unit.



UNDER THE SINK – Original $279 

UNDER THE SINK – Dynamically Enhanced: $399


NAT under sink unit

Uses for the Under The Sink Unit

  • Washing dishes – Washing produce
  • Water for cooking
  • Water for filling containers, and many other uses.
  • Installs easily under any regular sink in kitchens and bathrooms.


  • Length:  8.0“ with connectors 
  • Connection Size: 1/2″ MNPT + two 12″ connecting hoses

Hydrogen is absorbed by carbon, so when you have a carbon filter for your drinking water, it can lower the pH of the water by about 1 point.

For instance, if your tap water normally has a pH of 7, structuring the water could drop the pH to 6. 


The garden structures water machine comes in two sizes, Small (shown here) & Large

Small NAT garden unit

  • The Garden Unit is a convenient way to bring Structured Water to your plants and garden. Simply connect it to a faucet and hook up your hose.
  • Garden units are easily connected to a recreational vehicle for filling water reservoirs while traveling.
  • Great for use on hot tubs, too!
  • Extraordinary results are being obtained by watering plants with Structured Water.  Use it in your greenhouse or on an aquaponics system.

  SMALL GARDEN - Original: $279

SMALL GARDEN - Dynamically Enhanced: $399

LARGE GARDEN – Original: $607

LARGE GARDEN – Dynamically Enhanced: $991

(the large garden unit is essentially a house unit with garden hose connectors attached.)

Uses for the Garden Unit:

  • For watering your garden
  • For use on your hot tub
  • For use on your RV or bus holding tanks
  • For use with lawn watering systems for greener grass


  • Length with connectors:  8 1/4″
  • Weight: 1 lb, 8 oz
  • Connection Size:  3/4″ Male + Female Garden Hose Connectors


  • Length with connectors:  17 1/2″
  • Weight: 2 lb, 3 oz
  • Connection Size:  3/4″ Male + Female Garden Hose Connectors

Recommended PSI for Garden Unit
For the Garden unit to effectively Structure Water any distance will work, however, the greater the pressure, the greater the efficiency.  Thirty pounds per square inch (PSI) is an average pressure. If less than that, structuring will still be effective.  An optimum pressure is fifty PSI +.

Energy Potential of Each Unit
The Natural Action Technology’s Under Sink unit has a 4% increase in Bio-Photon energy over the Shower; the Home unit has a 13% increase in Bio-Photon energy over the Shower unit.

The Shower unit’s water is direct contact, no loss, the Under Sink water has to deal with stuff and that stuff is energy consuming.


(Available for Various Pipe Sizes and Types)

Whole house NAT units

A House structured water machine is a wonderful way to have structured water throughout your home, and available in the kitchen, bathrooms, showers, and garden areas of your home.

Uses for the Whole House Unit:

  • For showering and bathing in.
  • Enjoy Structured Water throughout your home.
  • It can be placed on a well’s holding tank.
  • It can be used in barns for watering livestock.
  • Can also be fitted with garden connectors for increased structuring of water in gardens, recreational vehicles, and more.

HOUSE UNITS – Original: $607

HOUSE UNITS – Dynamically Enhanced (scroll down) : $1183


  • Copper, PEX, and CPVC Pipes
  • PVC Pipes
  • Galvanized Pipes
  • Adaptable NPT with Unions


  • Length: Varies depending on connector type. Ranges from 16″ to 22″
  • Weight: Varies depending on connector type.  Approx. 2.6 lbs
  • For Pipe Sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″.

An installation guide comes with every NAT structured water machine.


The Commercial Unit is a powerful solution for bringing structured water both indoors and outdoors for your business, farm, pool, landscape, and more.

NAT commercial units

Uses for the Commercial Unit:

  • This structured water machine is great for farm use, commercial building use, landscaping uses, etc.
  • For use on your swimming pool pump to continuously circulate structured water in pool.
  • For structuring large amounts of water or other fluids that use a 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ pipe.


  • Length: Varies depending on connector type. Approx. 23″
  • Weight:  Varies depending on connector type. Approx 5 lb, 1 oz.
  • For Pipe Sizes: 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, and 2″.
  • Commercial Unit – with Push Fit Connectors for Copper, PEX, & CPVC
  • For 1 1/4″ pipe only.  NOT available in 1 1/2″ or 2″

An installation guide comes with every NAT Water Structuring Unit.

COMMERCIAL UNITS – Original: $919

COMMERCIAL UNITS – Dynamically Enhanced (scroll down): $1759


  • Copper, PEX, and CPVC Pipes
  • PVC Pipes, Galvanized Pipes, Adaptable NPT with Unions
    1.25", 1.5", 2"