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Garden Fertility Overview

How to Create Wonderful Soil

Would you like healthy garden soil that makes insect and disease invasions rare, soil that grows delicious, wonderfully nutritious crops?

This page will give you an overview on how AG-USA does this.  There are certain essentials, which I will cover first.  Second, I will cover some non-essential, but beneficial practices.   Let's begin.


Sea Minerals
Organic Matter


Calcium is vitally important to plants.  Even if you have good calcium content in your soil, that calcium may not always be available to plants.

GroPal Balance A frees up calcium and makes it available to the plant. It also restores pH to very close to 7.0, which is neutral.

Application: 64 ounces per acre of GroPal Balance A. Apply in the fall or early spring.

1 acre is 44,000 square feet.
Multiply length times width of your 
garden space, then divide by 44,000 to
find the percentage of an acre of your garden.

Applying over transplants and newly planted seed:
Mix 1 tablespoon of GroPal Balance A with a gallon of water and wet the soil over areas just planted.

Sea Minerals

GroPal Balance contains a good amount of low sodium concentrated sea minerals, which supplies a powerful blend of trace minerals to the soil and to plants. Keep in mind that trace Minerals are vitally important to our health.

Organic Matter

This is the "food" for the good biological in the soil.  Good sources of organic matter are:

- Planting a cover crop

- Adding compost

- Composted manure applications

- Applying GroPal Balance. This is a far superior way to build organic matter in the soil.

GroPal Balance prompts the plant to sequester huge amount of sugars (carbons) into the soil. The microbes in the soil use these sugars like gums and glues to highly structure the soil.

Organic matter has been known to increase by 0.5% a year for 8 years in a row. GPB is the best way to build organic matter in your soil.

Ground Cover

Bare soil is a problem.  Ultraviolet rays of the sun kill beneficial soil organisms. Unprotected soils dry out. Weeds flourish.

Use ground cover to smother weeds, retain soil moisture and protect the soil from ultraviolet rays.  Some ground covers also provide organic matter to the soil.  Numerous items can be used. 

Wood chips, preferably Ramial Chipped Wood

Compost, or composted manure

Mulch (use one that doesn't contain dyes or cedar)

A cover crop

Black plastic (to retain warmth, especially in spring and fall)


NAT Water Structuring

Highly structured water has been known to increase brix by 25%, increase yields by 6% to 10%, and increase nutrient density.

Inject GroPal Balance A or C into the water line (1 to 10,000), then highly structure the water with a NAT water structuring machine.

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