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It's all about Brix


A Brix reading, which can be measured with a Refractometer, measures the solids in the sap.  This is comprised of both sugars and trace minerals.  A high Brix reading is very important: Once you take a brix reading, you can compare it to the values on this brix chart.

Trace minerals help raise the Brix of the plant 

  1. Higher Brix Means Healthier Plants.  Trace minerals help to raise the brix, not just in sugar content but in trace mineral content of the sap, resulting in a healthier plant, less prone to disease.
  2. Higher Brix Means More Flavor.  This is especially true when the plant is loaded with Trace Minerals.  One of the most common testimonials we hear is from people who just can’t believe how good their fruits and vegetables taste when grown with GroPal Balance, which is rich in concentrated sea mineral.
  3. Higher Brix Means Better Nutrition.  The concentrated Sea Minerals in GroPal Balance not only increase the trace mineral content of the plant, but the vitamin content as well.  A two year study was done in Montana, testing concentrated sea minerals on wheat.  The results of the first year was almost identical to that of the second year. 

    Growing wheat with concentrated sea minerals raised it’s vitamin content from 11% to 34% greater, depending on which vitamin was tested.  If you want to grow more nutritious foods, consider feeding them with a good trace mineral package.

  4. Higher Brix Means Longer Shelf Life.  Consumers report that produce grown with concentrated sea minerals has a shelf life 2 or 3 times as long as the same crop grown without it.  This can be huge.  Who likes eating wilted, rotten food?


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