We have replaced
Huma-Tec with
GroPal Balance!


We have an exciting new product called GroPal Balance.

GroPal Balance contains:

** Humic and fulvic acids

** Fish and kelp

** A great biological

** Concentrated sea minerals


This is the product that you have waited your whole life for.

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Humic acids have been known to do the following.  Now with GroPal Balance, the results are even better, since GroPal Balance can quickly bring balance to the soil.

-- Breaks up hardpan

-- Forms clay lattice that protects microorganisms

-- Increases sugar and chlorophyll content in the crop

-- Increases metabolism within moments after foliar applications

-- Feeds microorganisms that recycle nutrients

-- Feeds microorganisms that produce antibiotics

-- Bonds soil into crumb structure for air, water transfer

-- Absorbs toxins like salt water and pesticides. Carbon charges bind
    to the toxic molecule, allowing microbes to break it down

-- Increases cation exchange capacity - for greater nutrient storage

-- Reduces alfatoxin formation

-- Stimulates production of ribonnucleic acid (RNA)

-- Regulates growth hormonesIncreases production of ATP, which is
    the driving energy in the cell system

-- Stabilizes soil temperature

-- Holds 7 times it's volume in water

-- Foliar fed fulvic acid facilitates chelation

-- Creates healthy root rhizoshpere which allow organic compounds
    and minerals to move into the plant

Field trials in the U.S. and Europe confirm the benefits of humic acid, showing conclusively that it can promote plant growth substantially. Farms that have already reached optimum fertilization practices see significant improvement in nutrient uptake, plant growth, and yield by incorporating humic acid into their fertilizer program. Humic acid isn't a cure all, but it's benefits are astounding!

Humic acid combined with urea, for example, can double nitrogen life and efficiency. When combined with herbicides it can detoxify residues and improve kill rates. Plant uptake is improved for most additives whenever humic acid is included in the mix.

One accepted use for humic acid is in pre-plant or starter phosphorus bands, as it greatly improves phosphate availability even in high lime soils. Plants have a hard time taking up phosphates in high pH soils and the abundance of calcium in these soils leads to the formation of calcium phosphates that become almost as insoluble as teeth. Phosphorus tie-up is especially critical for annual crops that are planted in the Spring when soils are cool. Humic acid chelates soluble calcium and protects the phosphates from the calcium / phosphate interaction. The amine functional groups of humic acid can then absorb the phosphate anions, improving availability for plant uptake.

  • Like humic acids alone, GroPal Balance also helps to free up phosphorus in the soil.

  • GroPal Balance contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria that capture nitrogen from the air and make it available to the plant. Other nutrients are also freed up, including calcium!

  • GroPal Balance is more effective than lime at balancing soil pH. Once it has been activated with over an inch of rainfall or irrigation water, it can bring soil pH to around 7 within a few months.

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