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by cooperating with it!

A Fertilizer from the Ocean!

Can be purchased under
an OMRI listed label

     Using Ocean Trace™ as an
additive to animal drinking water








   GroPal Balance - check it out!
Could it be the best fertilizer yet?

It prompts a huge amount of Carbon Sequestration through plant roots,
resulting in huge increases of Soil Organic Matter and topsoil!


Water Structuring Machine - add structure and vitality to water



   Five items for personal health:


1.  Include a pro-biotic in your diet

2.  Mineral Supplements from the ocean

3.  Mill your own flour, bake your own bread

4.  Ocean Treasure sea mineral and sea vegetable supplement

5. Check out our website on alleviating constipation


Using a refractometer to measure the quality of foods.  An online book.

Help for swimming pools

    Sea Mineral Electrolyte for Hydrogen producing Fuel Cells

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