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Detailed information about our flagship fertilizer product, MycorrPlus

How MycorrPlus Works
An interview with Dr. Christine Jones. This article explains beautifully how carbon sequestration is the best way to build topsoil and grow nutrient dense plants

Before and After Soil Tests
In these before and after soil tests, you will see first-hand how MycorrPlus (formerly called GroPal Balance) releases tied up nutrients in the soil.

Good Moisture for Dryland Farms
How MycorrPlus helps to keep plants green and growing even during dry spells.

Building Organic Matter
The best way to build organic matter is through Carbon Sequestration. Now you can send a signal to the plant to sequester large amounts of sugars (liquid carbon) into the soil, thus rapidly building organic matter.

7 Keys for Activating the Carbon Sequestration Switch
How do you get Carbon Sequestration really going in your soil? This is how!

Benefits to Applying MycorrPlus
There are numerous benefits to applying MycorrPlus.

Carbon Sequestration IS Your Solution
Dr. Mercola article on why carbon sequestration is so important for farmers who want to improve both their soil and their yields.

MycorrPlus videos
MycorrPlus (formerly called GroPal Balance) video testimonials

MycorrPlus testimonials
These are unsolicited testimonials from our customers concerning their experience with MycorrPlus (formerly called GroPal Balance).

Helpful facts about MycorrPlus

Soil Balance studies
Results from studies done with Soil Balance, a component of MycorrPlus.

GroPal for animal consumption
Adding GroPal sea mineral concentrate to animal drinking water.

Photo Gallery
See photos of Soil Balance, a component of MycorrPlus, at work

An application to fit every budget
We have application rates that can produce great results even for the most modest budget.

Grow superfoods
How MycorrPlus can help turn crops into a "superfood".

Build drought tolerance
How MycorrPlus helps to make soils drought tolerant.

Build topsoil
Details on why MycorrPlus may be the very best solution for building topsoil.

Available plant food
How MycorrPlus helps to increase available plant food in the soil.

Organic applications
MycorrPlus-O and O-F (foliar), are registered for organic application.

MycorrPlus application instructions
Detailed information to help you get the best results using MycorrPlus.

MycorrPlus price list
The various sizes of MycorrPlus that are available.

Why MycorrPlus is "more bang for the buck"
If you want the most bang for your fertilizer dollar, you should consider MycorrPlus.

Dr. Maynard Murray's Research
Dr. Maynard Murray's groundbreaking research on sea minerals

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