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MycorrPlus for Organic Use


MycorrPlus-O and MycorrPlus-O-F (foliar) are registered for organic use with WSDA (Washington State Dept. of Agriculture). Every US certifier that we know of accepts WSDA organic registrations.


MycorrPlus-O costs the same as MycorrPlus-A, the application rates and methods are the same. The big difference is that MycorrPlus-O can be used for organic application.


 To use either MycorrPlus-O or O-F, just give your certifier a copy of the label and the organic certificate (below). Of course, we are more than happy to work with your certifier to get MycorrPlus approved for your operation.



WSDA certificate for MycorrPlus-O and O-F  (print certificate)



MycorrPlus-O organic certificate


MycorrPlus-O Label (print label)

MycorrPlus-O label




MycorrPlus-O-F label  (print label)

MycorrPlus-OF label


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Some may choose to further boost the process by adding a natural product like fish or kelp. However, though these are great products, you will likely find yourself producing wonderful crops without them!


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