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Increasing Soil Organic Matter

The higher the organic matter, the greater the Cation-exchange capacity (CEC), and the better the yields and nutrient density!

Most growers are looking for ways to increase their organic matter. They try growing cover crops, also called green manure, utilizing crop litter, compost and mulch. Even though these methods do work, they are not the long-term answer for creating organic matter in the soil. There is a much better solution!


In an interview, Dr. Christine Jones explains that the fastest and very best way to increase organic matter and build rich topsoil is through carbon sequestration. Read the article and you will know the secret of how to greatly increase this sequestration of sugars down into the soil.

 Should we feed the plant directly with NPK or should we utilize microorganisms to convert tied up nutrients into available plant food?

  1. The best way to get good yields and at the same time build the soil is to fully utilize microorganisms. Fertilizing with NPK is not the best way.
  2. The plant can be encouraged to manufacture large amounts of sugar (carbon) and send it to the soil through its roots to colonize and feed microorganisms.
  3. These microorganisms convert unavailable nutrients into available plant food.
  4. The sugars secreted by the plant work like glue to bind soil particles together, creating air spaces and bringing structure to the soil, eliminating soil compaction and producing humus.
  5. As air flows down into the soil, nitrogen fixing bacteria convert the N into available plant food.
  6. Bacteria break down the chemicals and toxins that inhibit beneficial microbes.
  7. Bacteria remediate salts that inhibit soil life, removing them from the root zone.
  8. The soil becomes an ideal growing environment as aerobic bacteria, fungi and beneficial nematodes displace anaerobic bacteria and harmful nematodes.

AG-USA is passionate about the following two things, and believe that these two things have the potential to revolutionize agriculture:

1. We believe that SEA MINERALS possess the wonderful ability to help restore health and wholeness.

2. We believe that CARBON SEQUESTRATION is the most important key for building healthy soil, as seen in the interview below.

Read Dr. Christine Jones interview now.