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AG-USA's Pool Treatment System

Q.  Does AG-USA's water treatment system help to sanitize the water?
A.  Yes.  This is an amazing thing about highly structured water.  It totally changes the bacterial life in the water.  Beneficial bacteria form in billions of pinpoints instead of in clumps.  These bacteria are highly competitive.  By producing a wonderful environment for beneficial bacteria, over a month's time they virtually eliminate pathogenic bacteria.  They also break down organic matter (skin flakes, urine, etc.).  The result is that there isn't much work left for the Chlorine to do.  The result?  It takes substantially less Chlorine to keep Chlorine levels perfect!  And the water stays wonderfully clear.

Q.  Can I get by without Chlorine or Bromine?
A.  If your pool is a public pool, you must use sanitation products that are approved by the government, and maintain them at government approved levels.  If your pool is a private pool, you may not need any other products to sanitize the pool water.  In our first test pool, we only put in a 3" chlorine tablet twice a week.  We do this to keep out the insects and frogs.  If we didn't have this pest problem, we wouldn't put in any Chlorine.  The beneficial bacteria do a great job in sanitizing the pool water, crowding out pathogenic bacteria, and keeping the pool water crystal clear.

Q.  Do you have a Hexahedron 999 that is right for my pool?
A.  The Hexahedron 999 comes in sizes beginning with the "mini", which can handle an 8,000 gallon pool, up to the Mega 6, which is large enough for a 4 million gallon pool.  If the pool is larger than 4 million gallons, a NAT water structuring machine can be installed in multiple locations.

Q.  Do you need a by-pass to install the NAT Water Structuring Unit? 
A.  Yes.  A by-pass is installed in the water return line shortly after the filter, so that any water not able to pass through the Water Structuring Unit flows through this by-pass.

Q.  Do you need multiple “cells”? 
A.  Unlike a salt water system, our water treatment system does not utilize “cells”.  Ocean Trace is simply poured into the pool water and allowed to circulate.  As the pool water circulates through the Water Structuring Machine, the Structuring Machine utilizes the complete array of sea minerals in Ocean Trace to highly structure the water. 

Q.  Is Ocean Trace used up so that more needs to be added?
A.  No.  Unlike salt water systems, Ocean Trace is not used up or converted into chlorine.  It does not evaporate, is highly stable, and remains in the pool water.  It is only when pool water is vacuumed to waste or splashed out that the amount of Ocean Trace™ this wasted water contained needs to be replaced.  Replacement Ocean Trace is usually added only once or twice a year.

Q.  How expensive is AG-USA's  water treatment system?
A.  To give you an idea, the system for an 8,000 gallon pool sells for $560 plus installation.  The system for a 100,000 gallon pool sells for $4,650 plus installation.  For a free quote, please contact us with the size of your pool.

Q.  How much is the installation fee for your water treatment system?
The cost of installation is whatever a plumber or swimming pool technician charges to install a by-pass in the water return line, and to plumb the Water Structuring Machine into the main line, allowing whatever can't flow through the Structuring Machine to flow through the bypass.

Q.  How does your water treatment system help reduce mineral deposits on the sides of the pool?
A.  We help to prevent calcium scaling on the walls of the pool by decompressing the molecular structure of the water, freeing hydrogen bonds, and thereby making the water wetter.  This not only helps prevent mineral scaling, but may actually help to clean mineral deposits from the sides of the pool.

Q.  What is the toxic effect of your water treatment program?
The backwash discharge from the NAT Water Structuring Macine/Ocean Trace treated pool is less toxic for lawns and gardens than the discharge from standard chemical treatment systems, since the need for toxic chemicals is reduced when using our water treatment system.  Also, Ocean Trace is an organic fertilizer, and is very beneficial to plant life.  The NAT Water Structuring Machine is wonderful for plant life and as such is used on irrigation and watering systems.  Ocean Trace and the Water Structuring Machine are also being used on farms to improve animal drinking water.  We even sell a sea mineral/Nat Water Structuring Machine system for improving drinking water for people.

Q.  Does the Water Structuring Machine require an electrical hook-up?
The NAT Water Structuring Machine doesn’t use electricity.  It uses water pressure from the pump to do it’s work.  Since it is plumbed into a by-pass line, the pump does not have to work any harder to make the Water Structuring Machine work.

Q.  Does the NAT Water Structuring Machine have a warranty?
The NAT Water Structuring Machine has a 5 year manufacturer's warranty, and the larger NAT units come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.  However, the NAT units are built to last a lifetime.