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Both man and animals need biologicals and enzymes in the digestive tract to aid in digestion.  Even one course of anti-biotics in a person or animal can wipe out the flora in intestines.  These digestive biologicals and enzymes must be replaced, or the digestive system will not function properly.

For animals, AG-USA has a wonderful pro-biotic named MSE which make a remarkable difference in animal health.

Pro-biotics for People

However, a good source of pro-biotics in people is cultured dairy products. My wife and I make milk kefir every day. It contains 70+ cultures, and is a wonderful probiotic. I have created a video that tells the process of making milk kefir. You must start with milk kefir grains, which you can search for and order online. Here is my video: has the equipment available to help you make your own yogurt and yogurt cheese. I have used both of these, but find it more to my liking just to buy organic yogurt at the health food store or grocery store. Please keep in mind that the cultures in yogurt are transitory, they are not the type that colonize the colon. Therefore milk kefir is far superior to yogurt.

When you do buy yogurt, it is important that it has at least 6 or 7 actives cultures.  Most yogurts have only 2 cultures, and these are easily destroyed in the stomach, and never reach the intestinal tract.

The following yogurt products can sometimes be found in the organic or "green" section of the grocery store:

Horizon organic yogurt has 5 pro-biotics, which is certainly better than 2. It is sweeter, for those with more of a sweet tooth.

Stony Bridge sells a yogurt with 6 active cultures.  These yogurts are not as sweet as the   , and are excellent for those who like yogurt.  It comes in individual servings, or in 32 oz. containers.

Lifeway sells Kefir, which has 10 active cultures.  One of these cultures is bifo-bacterium-longum.  This is the pro-biotic which the body needs to utilize the mineral yttrium.  Yttrium is the anti-aging element.  Laboratory test animals injected daily with small doses of yttrium lived 3 times longer than normal.  Yttrium is one of the minerals supplied by Ionic Sea Minerals.  Bifo-bacterium-longum is an excellent pro-biotic to get into your system.

My wife and I also make our own kombucha tea, a wonderful probiotic drink. I generally drink 8 ounces a day. To make kombucha tea you will need to start with a scoby, which you can search for and purchase online.

Here is an instructional video I made showing you how to make your own kombucha tea.

A number of health supplement companies sell live pro-biotics in a capsule form.  This is also a good way to get these back into your system.

However you do it, pro-biotics are one of the ingredients of good health.  If you choose yogurt or Kefir, 6 to 8 oz. per day is a good amount to start with. My wife and I have been drinking milk kefir for years now and we each now drink 3 to 5 ounces a day.

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