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MycorrPlus-IFC, 8 oz. bottle

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MycorrPlus IFC (insect and fungus control) is MycorrPlus-F with 3 times the surfactant, for garden type applications. MycorrPlus-F is a highly concentrated foliar fertilizer.

Upon contact, the surfactant in MycorrPlus-F can help to dry out soft bodied insects like worms, plus help to dry out fungus. Removing the moisture can cause both soft bodied insects and fungus on the plant surface to die. The surfactant also helps MycorrPlus-F to be more efficiently absorbed by the plant.

Foliar applications of MycorrPlus-F may be helpful for increasing yields, protein levels, brix, and nutrient density.
MycorrPlus-F does not take the place of MycorrPlus-A for transforming the soil. MycorrPlus-F feeds GroPal sea minerals to the plant, besides providing help with insect and fungal invasions. MycorrPlus-F also has a bit of Soil Balance to help with better absorption by the plant.

It is best to apply the full 64 oz./acre of MycorrPlus-A before turning to MycorrPlus-F for foliar applications. Mix 3 tsp. of MycorrPlus-F per gallon of water. Tomatoes, orchids and more sensitive plants, use 2 tsp. per gallon of water. May be applied to the leaves of the plant once every week or two, as desired.

Though it may be applied to the leaves at any time, the best times to apply MycorrPlus-F are as follows, depending on the type of plant:
1. Two to four weeks post-emergence
2. During flowering
3. At the beginning stages of fruiting
4. When help is needed with soft bodied insects or fungus

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