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MycorrPlus-O, 5 gal. bucket

This 5 gallon bucket of MycorrPlus-O (organic) is enough to treat 20 acres of pasture at 32 oz./acre. (MycorrPlus is the new name for GroPal Balance).
For the highest yields on hay and other crops, put out 64 oz./acre. At this application, a 5 gallon bucket treats 10 acres.

Do not under-estimate this highly concentrated product. It contains all that is needed to help increase yields AND nutrient density.

MycorrPlus has the potential to help restore balance to nutrients in the soil while it helps to remediate salts and toxins. Restoring the soil has so many wonderful side effects. Experience it for yourself!

MycorrPlus-O is listed for organic application with WSDA, with no soil test required.

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Price: $400.00
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