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MycorrPlus-O, save on 7+ buckets

Only use this item to purchase 7 or more total buckets of product. With 7 or more buckets you save half on shipping because we ship it on a pallet by truck line. A 5 gallon bucket of MycorrPlus-O (organic) is enough to treat 20 acres of pasture at 32 oz./acre.
MycorrPlus-O-F (formerly GroPal Balance) is a highly concentrated organic foliar fertilizer.

MycorrPlus-O-F is designed for foliar applications where MycorrPlus-O has already been applied to the soil to its full potential. Once the soil application of MycorrPlus-O has been made, foliar applications of MycorrPlus-O-F may be helpful for increasing yields, protein levels and relative feed value.

Apply a foliar application of 2 to 3 quarts per acre. It is best applied at the following times, depending on the crop:
1. Two to four weeks post-emergence
2. During flowering
3. At the beginning stages of fruiting

MycorrPlus-O-F is listed for organic application with WSDA.

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