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IFC surfactant, 1/2 off shipping when you buy 7 or more

Only click on this product if you are buying a total of 7 buckets or more in this order. When you buy 7 or more total buckets, we ship it on a pallet and the shipping is half price. So only buy this if you are ordering a total of 7 buckets of our products.

IFC is the surfactant/adjuvant that we add to MycorrPlus-O-F to create MycorrPlus-F. We add IFC to MycorrPlus-O-F for the following reasons.
- It can help the plant to absorb nutrients more efficiently.
- It can help dry out soft bodied insects like worms.
- It can help dry out fungus that is growing on the leaf.

Once we add IFC to MycorrPlus-O-F, the National Organic Association (NOA) no longer allows it to be used for organic applications. In order for certified organic growers to be able to use it, we sell IFC by itself.

IFC is OMRI listed under the "NOP: Adjuvants - for pesticide use" category, with the following restriction when using for organic use.
EPA Inert Ingredients on EPA's List 4 may be used as an adjuvant or inert ingredient in combination with permitted active pesticidal ingredients. List 3 inert ingredients may only be used only in passive pheromone dispensers.

Application instructions:
Mix 1 part to 60 parts water, then spray at 10 gallons per acre tank mix. One bucket treats 30 acres.
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Price: $400.00