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Left - crop with Soil Balance              Right - crop without Soil Balance

In the picture above, an application of Soil Balance with no other fertilizer was made to the left side of the field. The neighbor's field on the right received normal applications of NPK fertilizer. Soil Balance helps to unlock the soil.

Magnifying these Results with GroPal

Now imagine the above results coupled together with the results seen in pastures that have received a healthy application of GroPal (also marketed as Ocean Trace), and you will see why we are so excited about MycorrPlus (new name for GroPal Balance).

GroPal example one

A customer in Wisconsin applied 0.7 gallons per acre of GroPal to his apple orchard. When he turned his cows in to graze, he saw a dramatic increase in the health of these animals.


Later that year his vet said to him:  "I'm sorry, Roger, but your cows have been some of the poorest looking cattle in the county, but now they look great!  What did you do?" Pastures fertilized with GroPal contain a bounty of nutrients that can help livestock to thrive.


GroPal example two

A customer in Florida, who normally put out 1/10th of a gallon of GroPal per acre, did a trial where he put out a full gallon per acre.

In July he sent us some pictures (see picture with bucket) and told us about the substantial increase in growth where he put out the gallon per acre of GroPal.


GroPal and Soil Balance together

With the combination of these two products, just 32 to 64 oz. per acre gives you the amazing results of each product.


Soil Balance helps to make GroPal highly available in the soil, meaning that just a 32 oz. application of MycorrPlus can give you the benefits of a larger application of GroPal.


GroPal brings a wealth of minerals and trace minerals to the soil, which Soil Balance maximizes.


MycorrPlus is emerging as a breakthrough for both pasture and crop production. Call today for more info.!


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