Conquer Nature By Cooperating With It

The WAR to maintain swimming pools is finally over!

Are you battling any of the following problems?

Water Clarity
Mineral Deposits
Chlorine Smell
Erratic pH

AG-USA's pool water treatment system deals with these problems, 
and makes maintaining a pool a BREEZE!

Plus, you will save money on the cost of pool chemicals!
No more Algaecides, Clarifiers, Products to prevent Mineral Deposits, and you will need Less Chlorine.

"I have never seen such sparkling clear pool water, and can't imagine how it could be any clearer" 

"There was no smell of chlorine, even though I shocked the pool just yesterday" 

"There was no chlorine taste - the pool water tasted like good drinking water" 

"The water felt silky smooth to swim in" 

"When I got out, there was no chlorine residue on my skin – it isn't dry and tight, but feels soft and smooth" 

"When I showered after swimming, it was a really quick shower, because there was no chlorine residue to wash off" 


Four days after I installed our pool water treatment system on our 12' x 24' Kayak pool, my wife came in bubbling with excitement over the results.  She is the one who handles the chemicals for the pool, and she does a really good job.  Her enthusiastic comments noted above caught me off guard.  I have tried more than one thing to enhance our pool water, but nothing else seemed to make any difference.  And now this!!!   

When she tested the chemicals, they were in perfect balance, except for being a bit low on pH.  But this is a condition that she was working on correcting before I installed our water treatment system.   The chlorine level tested good, and all other pool chemical levels tested out perfect. 

My wife is a very observant person, and for her to volunteer all this is pretty amazing.  She said that she has never swam in such water before.  She said she even feels somehow energized by the water.


Below are pictures of  a Natural Action Technologies Water Structuring Machine and Ocean TraceThese are the two items used in a pool water treatment program.  It takes only 1 gallon of Ocean Trace per 2,000 gallons of pool water.  (Just let us know the size of your pool, and we will help you get the correct size of Water Structuring Unit for it.)


Not only has the water remained sparkly clear, but the mineral deposits on the sides of the pool are starting to clean up.  The color has come back to the vinyl, even on the bottom of the pool.  I guess it had deposits of some kind on it as well.  Removing of mineral deposits is a natural byproduct of our water - it is highly structured and is therefore wetter, giving it the ability to absorb the scale off of the sides of the pool.  As an example on how our water cleans off mineral deposits, below is a picture of an irrigation system, where we installed the water structuring machines on 4 adjacent sprinklers.  Within 3 weeks, the water mist had cleaned off the mineral deposits on the pipes, as compared to the rust colored metal seen in the bottom half of the picture. NAT water structuring units are inexpensive and do a great job structuring the water.

Our pool ladder is 17 years old, and we couldn't get the white plastic steps clean anymore.  But within 3 weeks of installing the system, they were WHITE!  My wife said they looked brand new - and they do!  See for yourself.

The great news is, the pool is staying crystal clear without the use of a clarifier.  Actually, a few weeks before we installed the water structuring machine and Ocean Trace water treatment on our pool, we had stopped using a clarifier because of the aluminum content, and my wife was finding it hard to keep the water completely clear.  But within 4 days of putting in our system, the water became incredibly clear, and has stayed that way, without the use of a clarifier.  Look at how the water glistens.  And this picture really doesn't do it justice.  The water literally has a sheen to it.

Algae problems have disappeared, so that we no longer use an algaecide.  This is consistent with results we have had in using our system on ponds.  Within weeks it clears up algae problems.  People are amazed that they can see to the bottom of their ponds.

We are not using nearly as much chlorine to keep the chlorine level normal.  Twice a week we put in a 3" chlorine tablet, and once every two or three weeks we shock it, to keep chlorines at the correct levels.  Before putting this system on our pool, we had to shock it once a week or more to maintain the proper level of chlorine.

We're not sure why, but now the pool requires very little vacuuming.  It used to take only days until sediment would gather in the vinyl wrinkles on the bottom of the pool.  Now it doesn't even collect.  Perhaps one reason is because we use the pool so much more, because it is so pleasant to be in.  My wife  vacuums in the corners once a week, and that's about it.

Recently a friend visited us for a week, and after swimming in our pool, she noted that her dry skin condition was gone.  My wife has experienced this as well.  She swims every day or two, and  because of the pool water, her skin stays soft and smooth.  And why not?  She is swimming in all the natural goodness of minerals from the ocean, without the high sodium chloride levels.

We have observed only one possibly negative effect of our highly structured pool water.  Though it feels luxurious and velvety smooth, the water offers more resistance to the swimmer - it takes a little more effort to move your arms and feet through the water.  In other words, you are able to "bite" into the water better.  You have to exert more energy, but this yields greater thrust through the water.  I am not sure how this will affect pools that are being used for competitive events - it is something to think about before installing our system on such a pool.

What happened when we closed our pool this year?  Normally we dump in the appropriate pool closing chemicals and cover it quickly, or  within a few days the water will start turning green.  This year I decided not to put in any pool closing chemicals.  I just turned off the pump, drained the filter and didn't even cover the pool.  The picture below was taken in mid-December, 3 months after the pool was closed, and as you can see, the water was still crystal clear.  The bottom was a bit dirty, but the water was CLEAR!!!!


When we opened our pool on Thursday, May 28, 2009, we cleaned the debris off the bottom, put in a bag of chlorine shock to kill the over 1,000 tadpoles, and ran the pump for 48 hours.  On Saturday, we balanced out the pH, put in another bag of chlorine shock to kill the few remaining tadpoles, put in a 3" chlorine tablet, put in another 2+ gallons of Ocean Trace, and put the pump on a timer to run 12 hours a day.  Note that we used no algaecide, no clarifier, etc.  At the end of the day I netted out the few remaining dead tadpoles, took the following picture, and put on the solar cover.  You will note that the water is clear - the green color was algae on the liner.


On Monday my wife painted the deck white, then on Tuesday we removed the solar cover, and took the following picture.

Can you believe this?  Every other year that we had algae, it took a week or more of treating with chlorine and an algaecide to get rid of it.  Even with all that, we still had a continuing battle with algae on the liner.  This year all we did was to balance pH, put in 2 bags of shock, put in some more Ocean Trace, and run the pump.

We have decided to only put in 2 three inch chlorine tablets a week to keep the frogs out, and to keep the pH balanced.  This is all it takes to keep our pool water sparkling clean.

So, how expensive is it to maintain our pool water treatment system ?  It is very INEXPENSIVE!

Once you make the initial purchase, the ongoing cost for maintaining our pool treatment system is very minimal.  You just replace the Ocean Trace that has been splashed out or expelled to waste when cleaning the filter.  Don't worry about the Water Structuring Unit.  It is built to last a lifetime.  So if 1,000 gallons of pool water is expelled from your pool in a year, you only need to add 2 quarts of Ocean Trace to bring your water back up to full strength.  That's only $15 a year!

It is August, 2009.  We had a few clumps of algae on the bottom of the pool, I believe they are called "mushroom algae".  I learned that these can result from low pH.  In fact, our pH was low.  My wife corrected this, and by the NEXT DAY, no more algae.  My wife especially loves our pool water because there is no evidence of chlorine (though we do continue to put in the two 3" tablets a week).


What exactly are we doing that is causing such a great difference? 

Highly structured sea mineral water loaded with Bio-photons!

First you pour in one gallon of our Ocean Trace for every 2,000 gallons of water.  
Then you install a Water Structuring "pipe" in the water return line.

Once the swimming pool water, enhanced with Ocean Trace sea minerals, has a number of days to circulate, 
the water becomes highly structured and loaded with


One gallon of Ocean Trace to 2,000 gallons gives the water a velvety feel.  It is such a pleasure to swim in.
It is very healthy, with beneficial sea minerals being absorbed through your skin.

A Whole House Water Structuring Machine and two gallons of Ocean Trace sea mineral concentrate is enough to treat a 12' x 24' x 4' swimming pool at the 1 to 2,000 concentration.  The cost is $540, plus shipping.  If your pool is larger and you are interested in buying our water treatment system for your pool, please contact us with the number of gallons your pool holds, and we will be glad to give you a quote on the amount of sea minerals you will need, plus what size NAT unit will work the best.

Our water treatment is great for Spas, creates a Thalassa Therapy. Ocean Trace has all the goodness of sea minerals without the high sodium. This means that our program doesn't have the corrosion problems of sea salts.

Our Ocean Trace
 is a one gallon concentrate made from 100 gallons of pure Australian ocean water. Around 99% of the sodium precipitates out during evaporation, leaving a wonderful mixture of ocean minerals minus most of the sodium chloride.


Once you have added Ocean Trace, the Water Structuring Machine is plumbed into the water return on your pool.

The House size Water Structuring Machine can only handle up to 20 gpm, but only part of the water needs to go through it.

You simply put a "T" in the water return line, and install the Water Structuring Machine in it, then install a second "T" to join it back in to your water return line.

You may notice mineral crystals in the bottom of your Ocean Trace container.  This is normal. As you are pouring out the last gallon, you will need to take care that these crystals are not put into your pool.  A strainer will take care of this.


Water Structuring induces a Unified Field of energy in the water molecules, 
drawing in more Biophotons.

A Water Structuring Machine restructures the water and brings 
more life force energy into the water.

As you swim in the highly Structured and Vitalized NAT Structured Water, 
the White Light (Biophotons) in the water are absorbed through your skin 
into your cellular structure.


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