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The BEST Ways to Fertilize

Homemade Organic Fertilizer 

Whether for a garden, lawn or landscaping, we will help you to put together an organic fertilizer that provides your plants everything they need to thrive and grow, plus builds up the soil. 


To create your own exceptional organic fertilizer, we recommend composting, using the following ingredients.


Calcium is the single most important mineral needed for plant and soil nutrition.  When calcium is flowing in your soil, everything is flowing.  It is important to choose the right Calcium to add to your compost.  If your soil pH is low (as found in the Southeast USA), then use Calcium Carbonate.  Good sources are egg shells (dry, then pulverize in a blender), oyster shell powder, or limestone (also known as “lime”). Hard clay soils are generally that way because of too much magnesium.  If your soil is low in pH and is clay, you will want to request "High Cal. Lime", as it is lower in magnesium, and will help to loosen up your soil.
If your soil pH is high (as found in the Midwest), use calcium sulfate, also known as Gypsum.  Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Sulfate are both natural products.

However, most soils are actually quite rich in calcium. The problem is that it is tied up. Therefore the better solution is to free up the calcium already in the soil. GroPal Balance helps to release tied up nutrients in the soil, turning them into available plant food.


In making compost, half of your compost pile should be made up of nitrogen rich items, such as grass, weeds and garden clippings that are still green, food scraps, fruit and vegetable peels, and manure from non meat eating animals.  The other half should be made up of carbon rich items such as dried leaves and grass, wood chips, straw, and pieces of paper.  Mix these together well. 

For the best organic fertilizer, add the following items to your compost

·         Humic Acid. This contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, plus an array of micro-nutrients.  Humic acids can do wonders for the soil.  Add a cup of Humic Acid to each wheel barrow full of compost and mix in.  This will stimulate bacterial activity, causing items to compost quickly.  When you apply your compost to your soil, the humic acids in your compost will help in rejuvenating the soil, as well as break down toxic chemicals, such as those contained in chemical fertilizers, weed killers, etc., making your soil more friendly for earthworms!  Humic Acids are completely natural.

GroPal Balance is a great option for helping compost to quickly compost. It contains humic acids, plus a whole host of other needed nutrients that microbes feed on.

·         Concentrated Sea Minerals. These contain potassium, chloride, magnesium, sulfur and sodium, plus are an incredible source of trace minerals.  Because of 70 plus years of the use of chemical fertilizers in our nation, trace minerals are woefully lacking in our soils, resulting in greater disease and insect problems.  By adding just one tablespoon of GroPal Balance A, diluted in a quart of water, to each wheel barrow full of compost materials, you can help to restore trace minerals to your lawn and garden, plus innoculate your compost pile with a host of microbes.

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