Conquer Nature By Cooperating With It

7 Keys for Activating
the Carbon Sequestration Switch


Key 1 - Balance the soil

You want to establish the Soil Food Web in the soil. To do so, you need to give them a friendly living environment.

  • Get rid of toxins

  • Remediate any salt buildups

  • Restore balance to nutrients in the soil

Fortunately, MycorrPlus-A and O (formallly called GroPal Balance) help you to do each of these.


Key 2 - Don't graze grass down too low

plant size vs plant rootsFor pastures, when you allow grass to be grazed too low, you are compromising the root system. For a deep root system, it is best not to graze grass too short. Rotational grazing, and moving cows frequently, can help to solve this issue.

"Sadly, in most of our agricultural soils, we have far more bacteria than fungi. High density short duration grazing accompanied by appropriate rest periods, are moving soils toward fungal dominance."

"Fungi are important for soil carbon sequestration as well as nutrient acquisition." Fungi are necessary for forming humus.

Key 3 - Diversify

Crop rotation helps to diversify the types of microbes in the soil. Cover crops may be used to help with diversification.

Some plants have deep root systems, which will help to take liquid carbon and soil structuring to new depths.

Key 4 - Cut down on chemical applications

Herbicides, fungicides and insecticides are killers that disrupt soil biology. Every chemical application tends to hinder the development of healthy soil. The good news is, MycorrPlus-A and O are able to help break these chemicals down and replenish the soil.

Key 5 - Limit cultivation

All soil life, and especially fungi, are taken into disarray when the soil is tilled. Carbon sequestration is quite dependent on mycorrhizal fungi, so every disturbance to the soil that disrupts mycorrhizal networks diminishes carbon sequestration. Therefore, no-till or minimum tillage works best.

Key 6 - Keep the ground covered

Aggregates do not form in bare soil. They tend to be broken down. This then limits the amount of organic nitrogen available to the plant, and hinders microbial growth.

Bare soil will be hotter and lose more moisture than covered soil. Some think that cover crops will use up moisture, but the opposite is usually true. They help to conserve moisture.

If the soil has been cultivated or bare fallowed, mycorrhizal fungi will not be there in sufficient quantities for effective carbon flow and nutrient acquisition.

Key 7 - MycorrPlus

Although keys 1-6 support the process needed for carbon sequestration, MycorrPlus-A and O is the real secret. Each helps to accomplish all of the following, which all work together for maximum carbon sequestration:

  • MycorrPlus helps to devour toxins and remediate salts.

  • It helps to restore balance to the soil, including pH.

  • It contains numerous specialized aerobic bacteria, plus helps to stimulate beneficial bacteria, nematodes and mycorrhizal fungi.

  • It feeds these microbes and helps them get established in the soil.

  • It helps to raise the energy (ergs) in the soil.

  • It helps to establish wonderful networks of mycorrhizal fungi.

MycorrPlus-A and O is the foundation upon which the other keys need to be laid. It establishes the conditions in the soil needed for maximum carbon sequestration.

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