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Ocean Trace is a fertilizer from the ocean.


Proposed Benefits of Sea Minerals

Many soils have been reduced to a meager 12 to 20 trace minerals.

 This results in: 

Weaker cell wall linings
Greater susceptibility to disease and pests
Lower nutritional value
Lower test weights
Shorter shelf life
Poorer yields.

The Answer?

 The Ocean, where God has placed the 90 natural elements in soluble form, and in perfect balance.

 So, what happens when we use sunlight to reduce ocean water down to a 1% liquid concentrate?  Almost 99% of the sodium and 90% of the chloride crystallize and fall out of solution.  Sodium exits, trace minerals stay!!!

The result?  Up to 100 times the ocean minerals may be foliar feed in a single application without burning! MycorrPlus combines this goodness of Ocean Trace with Soil Balance, which takes Ocean Trace to a whole new level!

With MycorrPlus, you can give your crops the trace nutrients they need!

Getting trace minerals back into the plant makes for a healthier plant, which may result in lower insect pressure and disease.  However, the greatest impact of trace minerals is in nutrient density and the incredible flavor that comes along with it.

A friend has been giving his 80 year old neighbor squash from his garden for years.  After fortifying his garden with Ocean Trace, he shared his squash with her.  Her comment:  “I know squash, and this is the best tasting squash I have ever had”.  Another woman, after tasting tomatoes from a garden rich in our trace minerals, commented:  “I haven’t tasted a tomato like this since I was a little girl”.  Trace minerals really do make a difference in nutrition, and in taste.


“If a soil is like a mine with its myriad of elements, then whenever man tills it, plants, crops and in other ways engages in farming, he is for all practical purposes engaged in the business of mining. Like a miner, the farmer breaks the earth with digging tools, but instead of dynamite, he plants seeds to loosen the minerals and elements from their holding matrix. And finally, he carts away his minerals in the form of food rather than ore.”

Sea Energy Agriculture
Dr. Maynard Murray


It is amazing that God caused the 90 elements in the ocean to occur in practically the same proportions as in both blood plasma and chlorophyll (plant “blood”).  Human plasma is ¼ strength sea water!  Trace elements are vital to both plant and animal health.  Without them, plants are easy targets for insects and disease, and can not reach their full potential.  Where will these elements come from if chemical Ag replaces only 3 to 6?


Sea Energy Agriculture, by Maynard Murray, MD.
2nd Edition, copyright 2003, Acres USA.  

Pg. 28 The most important contribution to high farm yields and continuous plant production was the practice of replacing the major elements for a plant’s nutritional needs in the soil and fortifying them with heavy doses of nitrates.  Thus, soil production was maintained and even increased in spite of starving the soil of vital trace elements necessary for the sustenance of healthy life.

Pg. 99. Plants then may take up abnormal proportions of other elements to make up for the deficiencies in trace elements, (and) crops begin to lose their nutritional value.


Using Ocean Trace™ for animal drinking water

Ocean Trace™ minerals
(minerals listed are not a guaranteed analysis)

PPM of Ocean Water Elements

AG-USA - Helping you to Grow Healthy and Nutritious Crops

Trace Elements are Important to Animals and Man

Farming: bringing nutrients back into balance

At AG-USA, we have combined the goodness of Ocean Trace with a wonderful product called Soil Balance. The new product, MycorrPlus, does a wonderful job of keeping our Ocean Trace minerals from being tied up in the soil, and it also helps with uptake of Ocean Trace by the plant.

It is for that reason that we now sell MycorrPlus instead of Ocean Trace for plant fertility.

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Of course, there are other uses for Ocean Trace, including structuring swimming pool water, or adding it to livestock drinking water, so below is a link where you may purchase it by itself.

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